8 Ways You Can Manage Your Skin Care Routine

skincare baobab and marula oils

Our lives revolve around our habits. Right from our morning coffee to the side of the bed we prefer, our routines shape our days and bodies. From exercise and diet to using natural skincare products, here are 8 habits that can help you achieve healthy and beautiful skin:-

  • Wash Your Face
  • Washing your face regularly removes dirt, oils, and bacteria that amass and make your pores even larger. You must wash your face daily when you wake up to get rid of dirt and oils, and again before going to bed to remove makeup and grime from the day. You should also clean your face after you sweat heavily or work out.

  • Get More Sleep
  • “Beauty Sleep” is REAL. Our bodies require 7 to 9 hours of restful sleep every night to revive, rejuvenate and repair our skin from within. It’s like going to the fountain of youth every night because the skin produces new collagen when we sleep. To maintain healthy sleep hygiene, experts suggest a constant sleep schedule in a cool, dark environment. Build 30 minutes into your sleep schedule to relax before going to bed. This is the optimum time to wash your face.

  • Breathe Fresh and Clean Air
  • Extreme air pollution, artificial fragrances, and cigarette smoke can harm your skin health, creating damaging free radicals and causing skin aggravations. If you can’t avoid these external factors, help restore your skin with non-toxic elements. Use organic, natural face wash and products with antioxidants to help repair the harm polluted air does to your skin.

  • Use Antioxidants
  • Free radicals damage our skin and bodies. They are created by fried foods, alcohol, and pesticides. Nevertheless, antioxidants can counterbalance free radicals, like natural saviors. It’s crucial to eat foods with antioxidants such as blueberries, dark chocolate, raspberries, pecans, and strawberries.

  • Workout Regularly
  • Exercise aids in increasing blood flow, getting oxygen into, and driving free radicals away from the skin. Exercise also helps reduce stress and improve the quality of sleep. Make sure you wash your face after heavy and sweaty workouts.

  • Use a Moisturizer
  • Applying a moisturizer every day is crucial for every skin type, whether it is dry, oily, combination, or acne-prone. Proper moisturizing helps prevent dry, rough skin and keeps skin cells functioning at their best, avoiding fine lines and wrinkles from forming. Our Nilotica Shea Butter will keep your skin plump and moisturized. It is 100% pure and natural cold-pressed butter formulated to get absorbed effortlessly.

    If you want to prevent your skin from premature aging, then you should use Marula Oil on your face. It has antioxidant properties and heals fine lines. If you want ultimate hydration and supple skin, you should use Baobab Oil as it is packed with vitamins A, B, and C which gives out a beautiful even-tone.

  • Drink Water
  • Drinking water nourishes your skin from the inside. Dehydrated skin can look dull, be scratchy, dry, and make lines more visible. It can also brighten dark areas around your eyes. An excessive amount of alcohol and coffee dehydrate the skin. Drinking an ample amount of water keeps your skin hydrated and can give your skin a healthy glow. Consuming fruits and vegetables, exercise and restful sleep can all help keep the skin hydrated, too.

  • Wear Sunscreen
  • The sun results in rapid aging of the skin. Too much sun can result in serious skin damage, leading to dehydration and the formation of harmful free radicals. Sunscreens offer essential protection from the sun’s harmful rays and should be applied when you are in the sun for a long duration. You should also wear protective clothing and restrict sun exposure to a certain amount.


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