All You Need To Know About Baobab

Baobab has been cherished for ages and is considered a "superfruit." It is "Wild-harvested" from its natural habitat and allowed to dry naturally. The seeds are removed and ground into a powder that can be consumed. Every part of the tree has been utilized as food, medicine, or the basis for clothes and household items in the past. The fruit of the baobab tree is edible, and the powdered pulp of the baobab tree is used in meals for its nutrients, potential health advantages, and as a natural preservative. There’s more superpowers in  this plant. Read on.   

Baobab Fast Facts

  • Southern Africa, Australia, some parts of the Middle East, are home to the baobab tree.
  • Vitamin C-rich baobab fruit and powder are thought to have antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Baobab seeds can be cold pressed into natural beauty oils that nourish and heal the skin.

Benefits of Baobab

  • High in Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is essential for bone, skin, and blood vessel health, among other things. Baobab contains 6 times the vitamin C of orange by weight, and only one tablespoon delivers 33 percent of the daily required dose. You can easily add a teaspoon of Boabab powder into your smoothie of salad dressing for an additional boost of Vitamin C.

  • Fiber Rich in Prebiotics

According to a study from the University of Colorado in Boulder, prebiotic fiber effects extend beyond the gut, increasing stress resilience, reducing anxiety, and even enhancing sleep. 1 teaspoon of Baobab powder has 50% of your daily fiber requirement and 75% prebiotics daily requirement.

  • Calcium for Vegans

Calcium is one of our bodies' most plentiful minerals, and when combined with vitamin D, it promotes strong bones and skin. Baobab powder has the highest calcium concentration of any plant food which doubles the amount of calcium needed for people who don’t consume dairy products. 

  • Bioavailability of nutrients

Baobab powder is not only high in vitamins and minerals but also contains bioavailable nutrients. This indicates that the body digests, absorbs, and metabolizes a higher percentage of the nutrients.

  • Low glycemic index

Keeping your blood sugar levels steady throughout the day helps you stay energized, and keeps your brain healthy and your emotions in check. Eating low glycemic, slow-digesting foods (such as fiber-rich baobab powder) is an excellent method to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Baobab powder is a low glycemic food, according to research !

  • Supports the health of skin and hair

The high vitamin C concentration of baobab aids in the development of collagen and elastin, the proteins that keep your skin smooth and youthful. Add baobab oil to your skincare routine to help battle oxidative damage. It is powerful natural oil that revitalizes, plumps, and smoothes dry, dull, or fatigued skin. For hair health, it is holistically therapeutic, calming, and rejuvenating.

  • Powerful immune booster

Did you know that your gut is home to 70% of your immune system? This means that sustaining a healthy immune system requires a balanced gut flora. The prebiotic fiber in baobab helps to regulate the gut microbiota, and the high quantities of vitamin C ensure that your immune system can function properly.

  • Best for athletic performance

Because of its versatility, baobab powder is a simple method to add more nutrients to your diet. Include it in your daily routine for overall health, weight loss, weight management, and boosting athletic performance and recovery.

Endangered Species

Researchers believe that these trees are endangered, with climate change playing a role. Because these ancient trees were chosen for their size and age, they may have been more susceptible to any unusual dry conditions. Due to these factors, this tree and its parts are found to be more significant. 

Sustainable Plant

The baobab tree is a Lost Crop, a wild plant with significant health and beauty benefits that have been underappreciated until lately. Pesticides, chemicals, or dangerous farming practices are never employed because baobab powder is gathered in the wild. Also, certifying a wild-harvest organic means that the wild crops are harvested in a way that protects the trees and the environment while also promoting growth and regenerative practices surrounding them. 


In 2009, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declared the baobab fruit to be "generally recognized as safe (GRAS)." However, it has not been thoroughly investigated. To back up any health claims, more research is needed.

Due to negligible risks and many benefits, baobab powder is one of the most beneficial superfoods you can ever consume. Now you can buy superfoods online and avail their benefits in your daily life. 

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