Beauty Benefits of Baobab Oil

The Baobab oil - made from the seeds of the tree known as the tree of life, offers incredible benefits for the beauty of your hair, skin, and nails.  This organic oil has a thin texture that is easily absorbed, leaving no greasy appearance on hair and skin. 

Some of the benefits of Baobab Oil are:

* Helps nourish the scalp, detoxifying it and thus helping to decrease hair loss;

* Restores damaged hair. It has a super repairing effect, ideal to combat dryness, frizz and split ends;

* Contains Omega 6, Omega 9 and vitamins, which offer antioxidant properties to protect hair from daily aggression;

* The fatty acids also present in its composition favor the hair shine;

* Body moisturizer: eliminates dryness without leaving the skin oily;

* Soften cuticles and protects nails;

* Helps moisturize the lips, preventing them from drying out;

* Face moisturizer: helps balance the lipids of the skin leaving it smooth and more protected.


There are many ways to use Baobab oil and take advantage of the benefits of this natural oil.

* To protect the strands: spread a few drops on your hands and run through the length of the hair.

* To prevent hair loss: apply a few drops directly on the scalp and massage with your fingertips, then wash your hair normally. Do this treatment once a week.

* To moisturize and prevent nail cracking: apply oil to the area by massaging with a natural brush.

* To moisturize and prevent chapped lips: apply the oil directly on the lips and rub them to activate circulation.

* To moisturize the skin: use a few drops of baobab oil while bathing, or by massaging the skin with an equal proportion of water (two drops of oil with two drops of water, for example, to moisturize the face).

* To avoid cracked heels: apply a few drops of baobab oil and massage the skin before going to bed. Protect your feet with a cotton sock to enhance hydration.


Does Baobab oil have contraindications?

No, as an organic oil, Baobab oil has no contraindications. But despite this, you should not overuse, especially if who suffer from very oily hair and skins. If in doubt about the amount and frequency you should use, consult a professional beautician, dermatologist or hairdresser.

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