Benefits of Moringa, The Miraculous Tree

When we think of the incredible things Nature has to provide us, it's hard to believe that we choose to consume so many industrialized goods and pills instead of healing, natural, and nourishing foods. Moringa is one of these super plants that have been praised for its health benefits for thousands of years and can help in the prevention of various diseases.

Moringa (Moringa Oleifera) is considered by many experts, among botanists and biologists, hope in the fight against malnutrition worldwide. The so-called "tree of life" is incredibly rich in minerals and vitamins essential to human health, so the consumption of the plant has been encouraged by several humanitarian organizations to combat malnutrition and its effects in regions affected by poverty.

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Nutritional properties

Rich in healthy antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds, the moringa is considered one of the most nutritious plants on the planet, containing more than 90 nutrients and 46 types of antioxidants.

Check out the nutritional composition of the moringa in comparison with other healthy foods:

· Seven times more vitamin C than oranges;

· Four times more calcium than milk;

· Four times more vitamin A than carrots;

· Three times more potassium than bananas;

· More iron than spinach.

The moringa also contains significant amounts of vitamins such as vitamin A and B vitamins (such as vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, and folic acid).

Benefits of Moringa

With such rich nutritional composition, Moringa uses range from health and beauty to help prevent and cure diseases. Some benefits of plant consumption include:

· Improves immunity

With so many vitamins and nutrients present in the plant, its intake helps to restore the immune system, preventing diseases and invasions of opportunistic microorganisms.

· Weight loss

The plant helps to speed up metabolism and helps fight hunger by reducing the food drive. As it is also rich in beneficial nutrients, it manages to balance the body, facilitating weight loss.

· Cholesterol reduction

Studies point to surprising and pro-cholesterol reduction results.

· Antioxidant action Antioxidants are essential to maintaining your health since they are responsible for fighting the free radicals present in the cells of the human body.

· Prevents fluid retention

The consumption of Moringa decreases edema and water retention.

· Lactation aid

Due to the high nutritional bioavailability, the moringa encourages the production of milk.

· Healing function

It has a bactericidal and fungicidal function, making wounds stay clean and heal faster.

· Intestinal Cleansing

By balancing the intestinal flora and eliminating harmful bacteria, the olive moringa acts as a "mop" deeply cleansing the body and helping the organ's functioning.

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Moringa: How to Use

Moringa can be consumed in the form of leaves, in capsules or powder. The powder version presents a high concentration of vitamins. You can add Moringa powder to your smoothie, juice, drink it as a tea, or even mix to recipes like cakes or salads.

Moringa tea

One of the most common ways of consuming moringa is tea. The powder has a mild flavor, so it makes for a light moringa tea with a slightly earthy taste. To prepare the moringa tea, put a tablespoon of the herb in a cup and add 200ml of hot water. Leave to infuse for 3 minutes and drink right away, preferably with no sweeteners.

Contraindications of moringa

Excessive consumption of the moringa can cause toxicity of some vitamins, so it is best to use it with the advice of a doctor or nutritionist.

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