Enrich Every Meal with Baobab Powder

The Baobab is a remarkable tree, native to Africa, and referred to as the tree of life, that goes to live thousands of years. The fruit, with nutrient density, matures and dries on the tree to produce a powdered pulp, which has extraordinary nutritional qualities.

Baobab is the latest superfood phenomenon. Packed with minerals and essential vitamins, it helps to improve alertness and energy levels by supporting the immune system, keeping the nervous system healthy and increasing iron levels.

Health Benefits

Due to the high levels of nutrients that this exotic superfood contains, it is commonly used to combat a wide variety of diseases.

* Fights Insomnia and Helps to Sleep Better: Baobab contains vitamin B that acts as tryptophan, an amino acid required to relax the brain and provide better sleep. The calcium helps in relaxation and relief of the muscles and nervous system, while the iron consumption avoids restless leg syndromes.

* Improves the Looks of the Skin: Packed with vitamin C, calcium, and antioxidants, it provides a natural way to get healthy and radiant skin.

* Helps to Control Body Weight: Baobab's fiber helps reduce cravings for food and also reduce sugar absorption. Vitamin C and the glycemic control property of baobab powder promote weight loss.

* Helps Digestion and Regulate Intestine: As an incredible source of prebiotics and dietary fiber, which are resistant to the digestive enzymes of our organism, the baobab promotes the proper functioning of the intestine, helping to prevent constipation.

* Increases Energy Levels: Due to the richness of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, this fruit helps to increase energy production in the body and to combat fatigue.

Regarding its nutritional composition, baobab provides about:

· 239 Kcal / 100g;

· 35 g of carbohydrates (of which 25 g are sugars);

· 44 g of fiber;

· 2.3 g of protein.

How to use Baobab

There are a few simple ways to integrate this supplement into your daily diet to get all its benefits. The deliciously flavored fruit has a light and subtly spicy flavor that blends perfectly with other fruity flavors, making it easy to incorporate into your daily energy drink, for instance.

In its powder form, it has a nutty taste and can be used in many ways. Its sharp taste makes it suitable for smoothies, homemade ice cream, yogurts, or even a tea. It can also be sprinkled over cereals, soups or salads.

If you would like to be more inventive, you can incorporate into tasty desserts and serve as chocolate mousse, cakes or even pancakes.

Pro tip: when adding baobab powder to your bread recipe, it will help reduce the glycemic indexes, preventing the development of type two diabetes.

In addition, baobab powder is a natural thickening substance, which makes it perfect for preparing jelly and sauces.

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