How Our Moisturising Body Butter Is Changing Lives

When it comes to natural butter, you can’t go wrong with shea butter. Sourced from the nut of the Karite tree, it is one of nature’s finest moisturizers and emollients, loaded with fatty acids, vitamin E, and vitamin F to promote healthy hair and skin. It’s the perfect remedy for dry skin and hair, stretchmarks, fading burn scars, and stimulating hair growth.

Why our moisturizing body butter Is Awesome 

It is a pale, golden yellow color with a characteristic nutty fragrance, firm to touch but melts on contact. It is rich in vitamins and fatty acids which make it perfect for fighting inflammation and supporting healthy hair and skin. In its raw state, shea butter can be used as a hair and body butter, lip balm or conditioner. 

Aside from being used in hair and skin care, it is also used in local African cuisine as a healthy substitute for vegetable cooking oil. Safe to say Shea butter is one highly revered natural oils on the continent. 

How Our Shea Butter Is Sourced

The East African Nilotica shea butter is our most recent addition to the Zola Botanics range. Known to be richer in  Oleic, Stearic, and Linoleic free fatty acids this nourishing butter is not only helping women take care of their skin and hair, but also supporting their livelihoods. 

Our moisturizing body butter is sourced in collaboration with two rural women’s co-operatives based in South Sudan and Kenya. The Sudan group, called Lulu Life is based in Kajo Keji County, South Sudan. The members from this group are displaced refugees now living in camps in the Moyo District of northern Uganda because of the continued conflict in South Sudan.  

Lulu life Shea butter product shop

Changing Lives

Away from home and looking for an improved quality of life, the women of Lulu life have harnessed their years of experience in handling, processing, and manufacturing Nilotica shea butter to now rebuild and give their families a better quality of life.

We have suffered greatly as a result of war and famine, and now want to rebuild our lives and communities. Ourselves. Depending on our own strengths and resources.” - Lulu Life

The Kajo Keji coop members have 20 years of experience in nut collection and storage, oil pressing, and the processing of handmade Nilotica Shea butter.  

With some training from a small NGO, the members now combine their traditional expertise with improved packaging, processing, and handling standards increasing their products ready for global markets. 

Their body butter is cold-pressed and free of chemicals, fragrance, and additives ensuring they produce the highest quality butter with the most available vitamins and nutrients. 

women making shea butter

We are always looking for ways to provide high-quality natural products that not only make our customers happy but also support the people(especially women) whose hard work and experience make these products available. 

Our collaboration with the women from Kenya and South Sudan is our way of adding value and giving back to the women in these communities while showcasing the best natural products from the continent. 

Thanks to NGOs and partnerships with brands like ours, we are empowering more women to be more financially independent and give their children a better education. Every time you purchase any of our products, you’re helping us to improve the lives of all the women involved in our supply chain.


  2. United Nations video on Lulu Life

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