The Zola Collective: new logo, more products, same vision

Today we are happy to unveil our new brand - The Zola Collective.

Zola Foods has become The Zola Collective, a platform that strives to bring all sustainable African products to the world.

After launching Zola Foods 2 years ago, we grew our product range from 3 products to 10 and don’t want to stop there. Africa is abundant in natural resources that are great for your health and well-being and we are determined to bring them to people across the world. The Zola Collective will give us the opportunity to widen our product offerings while supporting over 25 different communities in Eastern and Southern Africa that produce products outside the traditional food category.    

Launching a new brand will help us to continue bringing even more opportunities and prosperity to the local communities through fair trade. The Zola Collective will retail an entire collection of sustainable African products that support the zero waste initiative. Our goal is to expand our range by including items created by utilizing all parts of the plant species; from seed to stem.

The Zola Collective will include:

  • Zola Foods

We will continue supplying a range of nutrient-dense superfood products including oils, teas, and powders primarily from Africa to our global customers.

  • Zola Natural Oils

Our Natural Cold Pressed range of oils grew out of our zero waste initiative which aims to utilize all parts of the plants we convert. We found that while producing our superfood powders there was an abundance of seeds left over. These are cold-pressed into 100% natural hair and beauty oils that have nourishing and hydrating properties. 

  • Zola Aggregator 

We are developing a platform for small scale African businesses to access the global marketplace. We will screen, select and help entrepreneurs scale-up their operations by providing guidance on best practices to market and retail their products.

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Misha and Anusha,

Founders of The Zola Collective


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