Taking actions to achieve healthy diets for a Zero Hunger World

The leading causes of death worldwide are related to chronic diseases caused by poor diet, which could be prevented by healthier eating. To achieve the Zero Hunger Sustainable Development Goal number 2, we must address not only the fight against hunger but also the type of nutrition for people.

To this end, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has decided to highlight the need for healthy and sustainable diets on this World Food Day.

The FAO is also calling for action to make these diets accessible to everyone. With the theme Our Actions Are Our Future - Healthy Diets for a World #ZeroHunger, FAO also invites everyone to reflect on what they eat. You can check their recipe for a healthier and more conscious life.

Zola Food’s motto has always been Simplifying Nutritious Eating, and as a sustainable and social business, we are committed to our actions to reduce unemployment, hunger, and poverty in our communities.

We will continue to provide affordable nutritious foods - aiming greater dietary diversity and quality to consumers. We will continue to put financial tools and opportunities in the hands of the farmers in Africa communities. And we will continue spreading the word to educate people about healthy diets while helping to draw attention to issues related to hunger, obesity and other forms of malnutrition.

Make #WorldFoodDay your day, too: share your action on #ZeroHunger or participate by developing a group event or activity.

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