Zola Success Stories: Salma’s Icepops Pt. 2

Salma’s ice cream business was doing great! Her customers loved her healthy ice creams and she has just discovered vegan popsicles were a well-loved option for those with nut and dairy food restrictions. 

A Business In Crisis

When COVID-19 hit, there were a few alternative systems to reach customers, accept payments, and schedule deliveries. Salma’s business was in a fix. That’s when The Zola collective stepped.

Salma had previously crossed paths with its founders, Anusha and Misha at a farmer’s market prior to the pandemic where they introduced her to baobab powder.

They told her about how it is responsibly sourced from Africa, is protein and nutrient-dense, and has a citrusy flavor profile. 

Intrigued, she did a little more research and got to work, trying to incorporate its tangy flavor into her products in a way her customers would love. After lots of modifications, she created her first baobab vanilla ice pop coated with chocolate.

Everyone loved it!

vanilla chocolate ice pops

A New Partnership For The Greater Good

We partnered with her to take her business online, introducing cashless payments, online marketing, and helping her generate even more revenue than before!

This partnership also birthed more exciting and unique vegan flavors. Salma’s keen interest in new superfoods meant she was always experimenting with new flavors.

She would read up the health benefits of ingredients like acai, matcha, and turmeric. Then she would try out different combinations to see which ones worked well together.

The entire process is trial and error but Salma enjoys learning and creating throughout.

In fact, she has learned a lot about the chemistry of ingredients because developing ice pops involves science. It requires a fine balance of ingredients while keeping people’s dietary restrictions in mind. 

Zola Superfood Ice Pops Are Born 

The Zola collective’s partnership with Salma is what started the Zola superfood ice pop range. All their ice pops are vegan and made with high-quality ingredients and superfoods like Baobab powder and matcha.

Other superfood flavors in the range include Acai berries and turmeric for those who like a savory-sweet treat. Our ice pops are sweetened with maple syrup or organic brown sugar to keep everything 100% natural.

All ice pops have zero preservatives, additives, or added flavors. As Salma describes it, “You taste exactly what is in the ice pops”. Because ice pops are a dessert, Salma went the extra mile to make sure you can indulge guilt-free.

“The size is just right. It doesn’t melt in your hand and is enough for you to thoroughly enjoy the flavors without overindulging”.  These ice pops are prepared under the strictest hygienic conditions at every level. Each ice pop is checked to ensure quality and uniformity before packaging and delivery. 

Hope For The Future

Today our partnership has seen Salma’s revenue climb steadily. Her ice pops are now also being distributed by other major ice cream and dessert outlets, helping her share her passion for healthy eating with the world.

“The ice cream I make (all of it, dairy, fruit sorbet, and vegan) is a true reflection of myself, it’s exactly how I like things; simple, wholesome, and honest.” - Salma 

We hope to bring more delicious and healthy products to the world, through mutually beneficial business partnerships that touch lives.

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