Cinnamon Tea Oats

Get creative by doubling up our Cinnamon Oolong Artisan Blended Tea as an ingredient for a delicious and healthy breakfast. 

Ingredients: (for 2 servings) 
- 2 cups Almond milk (or you can use regular milk/ water depending on personal preference)
- 2 tsp Zola Cinnamon Tea
- 3 cardamom pods 
- 1 cup oats 
- 1 tbsp preferred sweetener (brown sugar/ honey/ or agave nectar work best)
1. Boil the almond milk, cardamom pods, and tea together for around 5-7 minutes to infuse. 
2. Strain and return the infused milk back to the pan. Add in your oats and sweetener and continue stirring on low heat till the mixture thickens (around 3-5 minutes). 
3. Serve hot and top with fresh fruit, honey, or a dusting of cinnamon powder! 
Recipe by Cook&Canon 


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