The Zola Collective is a platform that brings a range of sustainable African products to the world. 

Zola means ‘earth’ in Latin and ‘pure’ or ‘tranquil in Zulu. 

The Zola Collective encompasses these definitions by bringing together superfoods, teas, natural oils and other organically grown African products. We work with farmers, NGO’s and small businesses across the continent  to identify indigenous African products and convert them into safe and high quality products that can be consumed easily. 

Our aim is to popularise and create a global demand for these products to give local farmers a stable source of income. All our products are ethically sourced, as a social enterprise, we are committed to using sustainable harvesting and farming methods, supporting female farmers, preserving biodiversity and having a low carbon footprint. 


Zola Foods -

Zola Foods aims to supply a range of nutrient dense superfoods to our global customers, making it truly easy to incorporate healthy eating habits into their daily diet.  Superfoods are a special category of foods that are found in nature that are superior sources of antioxidants and essential nutrients - nutrients that we need but cannot make ourselves. 

Zola Heritage -

Our heritage line focuses on popularizing ancient African natural hair and beauty regimes and products. This range grew out of our zero waste initiative which aims to utilize all parts of the plants we convert. All our products are vegan and have nourishing and hydrating properties. 

Superfood Ice Pops -

To fight the summer heat, and break your fast in the healthiest way possible, we’ve combined our superfoods to create delicious dairy-free Ice Pops! These refreshing snacks have little or no refined sugar and are bitesize - simplifying nutritious eating.



The Zola Aggregator is an open platform that enables entrepreneurs and small scale farmers to apply to join The Zola Collective. Our collaboration efforts will enable business owners to tap into our existing network and retail their products in global markets through Africa’s first e-commerce platform for healthy and natural local products.