We benefit people, communities and the planet

The Zola Collective is an impact-driven well-being and lifestyle brand on a mission to deliver fair wages and working practices to African farmers, artisans and craftspeople.

At the Zola Collective, we believe conscious consumer choices improve lives and livelihoods. Our natural products benefit customer health, as well as the communities making them.

Every product has a story. Whether you choose one of our superfoods like Moringa powder or buy from our clean beauty range – every Zola purchase draws a circle of benefit by giving back to the people that source, harvest, and package the products while preserving the soil and replenishing environmental resources.

Mass production only works for the people at the top. Our better trade business model, on the other hand, guarantees not just the highest quality but also sustainable and ethical working practices.

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For African women and communities

As female founders that have grown up in Africa, we feel strongly about empowering African women, which often support not just their families but entire communities. Working on the ground, we have experienced firsthand that a new paradigm of ethical and sustainable trade in Africa is not just needed - but possible.

Our fair compensation across the supply chain empowers entire communities to invest in their future. The Zola Collective shea butter, for example, is harvested and formulated by a community of fourteen women in Kajo Keji County, South Sudan. Displaced by war and conflict, the women are using their skills to rebuild their lives. We hope that stories like these and our fair trade and environmentally friendly business model lead the way for other businesses to follow suit.

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On the ground and with the people

Together we create value and demand for (the future of) African trade. At the Zola Collective, we work hand in hand with local farmers, cooperatives, organisations and craftspeople to harvest and make the products right at the source.

Our mission is to share the value and benefits of what Africa has to offer. Increased global demand provides a stable source of income for African traders. Selecting our healthy and natural African products will positively impact livelihoods across the continent. From the African soil to your doorstep – we provide fair returns on the ground and excellent quality to our customers.

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Every purchase goes a long way

The Zola Collective brings ethical and sustainable products from the African continent to conscious consumers around the world. We carefully vet every supply chain relationship to create and promote natural African wellness products of the highest quality under the Zola Collective brand. Our platform provides local farmers, entrepreneurs and small-scale businesses across Africa the opportunity to access a global marketplace. After a rigorous screening process and pilot program, we take care of everything - from logistics to paperwork.

We carefully measure how every product in our range impacts from the ground up:

  • Soil
  • People
  • Community
  • Environment 

You can read more about our impact in our product stories and shop our bestsellers.