The Zola Collective Vision 

Our vision is to facilitate, mobilize and popularize fair trade exports from Africa through our online marketplace.

We strive to set benchmarks for international trade, collaborating with farmers, governments, regulatory agencies and conscious consumers.

The core of our business model aims to create prosperity and opportunity for farmers and small business in Africa, enhance local capacity and reduce, unemployment, hunger and poverty.

As a social enterprise, we are committed to supporting female farmers, preserving biodiversity and having a low carbon footprint. We strive to set benchmarks for international trade while adopting the following principles:


Our products are locally sourced, converted and produced in Africa organically without the use of chemical inputs or other additives. 


TZC focuses on educating all stakeholders on the natural benefits of our products. We ensure local communities incorporate self-sustainable farming methods into their daily lives leading to a healthier, more independent workforce.


By adopting fair trade policies we are encouraging and empowering local suppliers and employees with a reliable source of income and support the zero waste initiative 


Read more about the journey’s of the farmers we work with and the impact of our work.

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