The Zola Collective is an online platform bringing the best of African natural food and wellness products to customers around the world. We believe in fair compensation and work on the ground and with the people to deliver the best of what Africa has to offer.

Are you a farmer, entrepreneur or small scale business in Africa interested in accessing new markets? Read our qualification criteria and apply now to become part of the Zola Collective. We are expanding to the UK and the rest of Europe from 2022. Time to get on board!

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The Zola Collective has successfully built and tested an international supply chain between Kenya and the UAE in just under 13 months - handling the entire process, from transport and packaging to paperwork.

The Zola Collective offer exclusive access to unique natural products from the African continent. We carefully vet our entire supply chain and only introduce the highest product quality under the Zola Collective brand.

We have validated and increased the demand for African products globally and want to expand our retailer ecosystem.

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