We benefit people, communities and the planet 

We firmly believe that conscious consumer choices possess the power to uplift lives and bolster livelihoods. Our natural products not only enhance customer well-being but also extend their benefits to the very communities that craft them.

Each of our products tells a tale. Whether you opt for our nourishing superfoods like Moringa powder or indulge in our clean beauty range, every Zola purchase sets in motion a cycle of positive impact. By choosing us, you contribute to a cycle that gives back to those who source, harvest, and package the products, all while nurturing the soil and replenishing vital environmental resources.

A Shift Away from Mass Production

Mass production only works for the people at the top. Our better trade business model, on the other hand, guarantees not just the highest quality but also sustainable and ethical working practices.

For African women and communities

As female founders that have grown up in Africa, we feel strongly about empowering African women, which often support not just their families but entire communities. Working on the ground, we have experienced firsthand that a new paradigm of ethical and sustainable trade in Africa is not just needed - but possible.

Our fair compensation across the supply chain empowers entire communities to invest in their future. The Zola Collective shea butter, for example, is harvested and formulated by a community of fourteen women in Kajo Keji County, South Sudan. Displaced by war and conflict, the women are using their skills to rebuild their lives. We hope that stories like these and our fair trade and environmentally friendly business model lead the way for other businesses to follow suit.

    Forging Shared Value, Rooted in Local Foundations

    At The Zola Collective, we come together with local farmers, cooperatives, organizations, and craftspeople to cultivate and shape products right at their origins. This synergy not only magnifies the inherent potential of African trade but also propels progress aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (By nurturing economic resilience, promoting fairness, and enriching societal well-being, our collaborative endeavors extend beyond local roots to ignite impactful, measurable transformations across the continent.


    Cultivating Tangible Environmental Progress Through Local Collaboration

    At The Zola Collective, we're not just bystanders; we actively team up with local farmers, cooperatives, and organizations. This united approach amplifies the impact of sustainable practices, sparking actionable environmental improvements across the continent. By prioritizing carbon footprint reduction, championing eco-friendly initiatives, and fostering a greener ecosystem, we're dedicated to driving practical, lasting change for our planet.


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