Natural well-being from
the soil of Africa to you

Consumers and the communities in Africa are connected via a circle of mutual benefit and opportunity. The Zola Collective is at the centre of the circle.

  • The farmers, suppliers and communities across the supply chain benefit from fair compensation, which reduces poverty and improves lives.
  • Consumers benefit from healthier products that improve their well-being. The brand also educates about how to improve consumers’ self-care.
  • Consumers making better choices creates a circle that provides the communities where the products and ingredients are made more opportunities, economic growth, and social benefits.

The Zola Collective impacts from the ground up

  • Soil: Products and ingredients are locally sourced, converted and produced organically without chemicals or other additives.
  • People: Our farmers, entrepreneurs and small businesses across Africa pay fairly and adopt transparent working practices.
  • Community: Self-sustainable farming methods and a reliable source of income benefit the health and financial well-being of local communities.
  • Environment: Organic farming, sustainable packaging and our zero waste initiatives promote biodiversity while minimizing our carbon footprint.