Mudiwa. A real life superwoman. 

She’s up before dawn, ready to tackle her motherly duties, she helps her daughter get ready and drops her to school. She then switches capes and is now a hard working entrepreneur who sets off with her group of friends to gather the local indigenous fruit, Baobab. Together, these women spend hours in the fields diligently deshelling the fruit and separating the seeds to sell in Mbare Market in Harare. Mudiwa then returns home to tend to her own farmland in order to gather the produce she grows to cook dinner for her and her daughter. This is Mudiwa’s first and only meal of the day.  

Misha and Anusha, the founders of TZC met Mudiwa in 2017 while volunteering with a Women’s Empowerment organisation in Chiredzi, Zimbabwe. They were captivated and in awe of Mudiwa’s ability to work effortlessly and with an abundance of energy despite only having one meal a day. They realised that people from cities experienced more burnout and fatigue than these women involved in a more physically demanding lifestyle.

Misha and I noticed that Mudiwa’s high energy levels despite eating only one meal at the end of the day was a result of her munching on the Baobab fruit.”

  In addition, Mudiwa’s dinners consisted of nutrient rich superfoods such as Kovo, Amaranth Grain and the Moringa vegetable. The girls found that a diet rich in superfoods has helped African families maintain a nutritious diet while giving them the strength to keep up with their laborious life style. From here sparked The Zola Collective, as Anusha and Misha found themselves keen to not only share with the world these indigenious products but to also help the locals of Zimbabwe...

We wanted to continue making an impact in Zimbabwe and take African superfoods worldwide to make it easy for other people to maintain a nutritious lifestyle through food while supporting rural farmers with a sustainable source of income.”

The cornerstone of our collective is to bring Africa and its sustainable offerings to the rest of the world. And our aim, as we do this, is to popularise and create a global demand for these products, which through the supply chain gives local farmers we source from a stable source of income. We aim to mobilize the movement of African agricultural produce globally through building an ethical supply chain and empowering female farmers.


We are passionate about building Zola Foods to generate profit with a purpose. We founded The Zola Collective in 2018 and are committed to supporting sustainable and ethical supply chains.”