As a social enterprise, we are committed to having sustainable operations across our supply chain.  Our business model addresses many environmental and social concerns that aim to preserve biodiversity and indigenous conversion methods. Amongst many, some of our key focus areas include empowering women, creating sustainable income streams, education on health benefits of foods that can help address malnutrition and best agriculture practices across the supply chain, and  low carbon, green operations.


HOMEGROWN: Our products are locally sourced and produced in Africa.  We aim to preserve indigenous methods of production and conversion through a labour intensive and a low carbon emission supply chain.

EDUCATE: Zola Foods focuses on educating farmers, suppliers, employees and customers on the nutritional benefits of our products. We hope to address issues of malnutrition in Zimbabwe whilst teaching households to incorporate self-sustainable farming methods into their daily lives. This leads to a healthier, more independent workforce.

SUSTAINABLE: By adopting fair trade policies we are encouraging and empowering local suppliers and employees with a reliable source of income. Our products are grown organically without the use of chemical inputs and we ensure all parts of the plants are used. We create employment opportunities for women, providing households with a second source of income.