Zola Aggregator provides a platform for small scale African businesses to access the global marketplace. We screen, select and help entrepreneurs scale-up their operations by providing guidance on best practices to market and retail their products. Zola’s team of mentors has expertise and insights into sourcing, packaging and selling locally grown produce in international markets. Having worked directly with farmers in Zimbabwe to harvest, process and package superfoods and natural oils they have built up a network to help other businesses commercialise their products. The challenges a lot of small business owners face include lengthy bureaucratic and certification processes, limited access to labelling and packaging material and technical knowledge deficits in selling products directly to customers online.


Zola Foods has validated an international supply chain from sourcing and packaging to export and sales in 2 countries (Kenya and UAE) in under 13 months. We have taken the initiative to overcome all red tape and barriers involved in mobilising trade out of Africa. Having tested a supply chain and proven there is huge demand for African products globally we have launched an e-commerce platform with a blog and recipe page. These aim to educate consumers on the benefits of our products and how to use them. As a result we have developed a strong brand reputation and have been invited to participate in pop-ups and health events in the UAE and Kenya.

We are now looking to share our expertise with other farmers and entrepreneurs by giving them the opportunity to retail under the Zola Foods brand while giving customers access to a wider range of products. 


We are excited to work with farmers, entrepreneurs and small scale businesses across Africa. We are looking to build an eco-system of people who are willing to support each other to help promote African products internationally! 

Zola Aggregator is looking to support businesses that have products with a shelf life of more than one year. They should support the Zola Foods brand ethos and fall under the criteria or natural foods, that are either processed or dried (we won't be able to support the retail of fresh produce). We are also open to working with natural beauty, local jewellery and any other African businesses that have the potential to scale internationally. 

We do prefer companies that have some form of official licensing and manufacturing facilities in order to make the process more streamlined. 

If you believe you are a good with for the Zola Aggregator please complete our online application form and a member of our team will get in touch with you shortly.


Africa is abundant in natural health and beauty products that people world-wide are eager to purchase. Zola Foods aims to build an Online Marketplace to meet the growing demand for superfoods while simultaneously supporting local producers across a fair and transparent supply chain. Products such as marula oil and baobab powder are only available in a few brick-and-mortar stores across the region. Zola Foods enables entrepreneurs to tap into our existing network of business leaders, suppliers, and government officials to help them integrate into the Zola Foods brand and access global markets through Africa’s first e-commerce platform for healthy and natural local products.

Step 1 - Online Application 

Read the qualification criteria below, if you think you would be a good fit for the Zola Aggregator please complete the Online Application Form

Step 2 - Phone Interview & Site Visit 

After reviewing your application we'll call you up for a quick chat to understand more about your business to see if your operations and product fit our criteria. A member of the Zola Team will also visit your office and manufacturing / production facilities. 

Step 3 - Pilot

If your operations and product are a good fit for the Zola Aggregator Model we will progress your company into a pilot program. Here we will invest in designing your labels, package your products and market them in two of our biggest markets for a period of 3-6 months using our standard marketing campaigns.

Step 4 - Commercialisation 

Congratulations! If you make it to this step we see great potential in your product and will be committed to partnering with your business for the foreseeable future. If we see an uptake of your products, we will then enter an agreement to purchase, white label and kick start the process of licensing your products internationally! Together we will create material such as blogs, recipes and feature your story on our website!