A note from our founders:

Every product has a story. Every choice has an impact.

Our journey begins in Kenya and Uganda, respectively. Both of us grew up in Africa surrounded by the powerful scents, vibrant colours and resilient women of the continent. When we met at Imperial College London, as we nurtured our curiosity and knowledge, we connected over our shared recollections of the African soil we call home.

We founded the Zola Collective to show that there can be a new way of doing business in Africa. A future where trade is no longer part of the problem but part of the solution. Our work on the ground not only compensates workers fairly but also promotes ethical working practices. We aim to lead the way in creating a model of prosperous trade within communities across the continent.

Today, we are grateful to see how the business we launched just a couple of years ago is helping women and local communities across the African continent. We built the Zola Collective on a core set of values and a vision to improve the lives of African farmers, craftsmen and micro-entrepreneurs.. It is an incredible feeling to witness firsthand our positive impact on the communities we work in, from women who now have the economic freedom to send their children to school to entire villages investing in sanitation and healthcare projects, and so much more.

We hope that the Zola Collective can pave a new way forward for Africa. We are on a mission to create demand for African trade, and as interest grows, we will continue building The Zola Collective circle of benefit. Our pure and natural products, sustainably harvested, processed, and packaged, are a testament to the farmers and communities that make them. The fourteen female refugees making the Zola Collective shea butter in Kajo Keji county, South Sudan, are just one example of the courage, dynamic entrepreneurial drive and resilience of millions.

The secrets of the continent, like Moringa and Baobab powder, can improve the health and wellbeing of people around the world. We actively listen both to our customers and the people on the ground — and together we are part of a greater whole: the Zola Collective community.

Every Zola purchase supports a stable source of income for local communities and the promise of a better future. You help us deliver that promise. Thank you for joining us on our journey.

Misha and Anusha,

Founders of The Zola Collective