Moringa Cured Tilapia with Orange Hibiscus Butter Sauce

Another classic from chef DeAnkarra!

Moringa Salt

Ingredients and Directions

Zest half a lemon.

Zest half a orange

Half a cup sea salt

Crushed black pepper to tatse

Half a cup Zola Foods moringa powder

Half a tsp chilli

Tbp dried mixed herb

Fish Fillet


4tbsp Moringa salt cure (add fish spice - 1 tbsp to 3tbsp moringa salt)

8 fish fillets

4 garlic cloves

1tbsp butter


1. Pat dry fillet and Liberally apply salt .

2. Let stand for 30 mins and wipe away salt .

3. Heat a tbsp oil in a hot pan and Brown fish on both sides lathering with butter.

Orange hibiscus butter sauce


Juice of two oranges

10 hibiscus flowers

3 tablespoon butter chilled

Tsp parsley


1. Place juice in a heavy based pan with hibiscus flowers until reduced by half

2. Whisk in butter and add parsley

3. Plate fish and pour sauce over as desired

Tip: Add some cauliflower mash and wilted spinach to complete the meal

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